What We Do

We offer workshops and follow up coaching to help people manage stress in the workplace. We share strategies and psychologically proven techniques to help change their relationship to stress and to build resilience.

We train and empower individuals to maximise their potential …. creating a better working environment for everyone. Our approach supports people in the management of change in the workplace.

Psychological health can be easily learned and applied in a short space of time, using strategies that are delivered through education, training, research, seminars and one to one coaching.

Stress Management

Stress is a reaction to the perception that demands of the situation are greater than the resources we have. What underpins our work is incorporating the philosophy of rational thinking, an approach called REBT. This is a form of CBT, a scientifically endorsed approach to creating emotional wellbeing. This is what makes our approach different from more traditional stress management workshops. And, it is the difference, which makes the difference when it comes to individual’s effectiveness and ability to approach situations with resilience.


The workshops are the foundation of our approach. Attending one of our workshops gives participants the opportunity to learn more about how to manage stress so it does not overwhelm. They will learn how stress impacts  on their personal effectiveness in all aspects of their lives. They will be introduced to the concept that it is how we react to events rather than the events themselves which is the main issue in maintaining stress. They will learn about how to think differently and how to behave differently in the face of on going stressful triggers and therefore get better results.

Cognitive Coaching

Frequently when people do not fully understand the negative impact of stress they will have many problems which manifest in the work place. For example, issues with decision making, loss of confidence, perfectionism, absenteeism, unhealthy dependence on alcohol, smoking, food, amongst other issues. One to one coaching can help people understand how they react to stress and the negative impact it causes, and to develop strategies to overcome and manage stress in the workplace.

Coaching for Managers & Senior Executives

Managing is getting results through others. You choose to lead, but your team also chooses whether to follow you, This can be the difference between your team doing a good enough job or being motivated  to do a great one. Our sessions will help managers build confidence , understand how to motivate and inspire  all types of staff , how to deal with challenging individuals . We look at effective communication and leadership styles.

Individual Therapy

When people have emotional issues, such as anxiety, anger, or depression which result from prolonged exposure to stress, individual CBT therapy may be appropriate. CBT, because of its evidence based, pragmatic approach is well received and effective within the workplace. A short course of CBT therapy gives the recipient skills, which they can integrate into their everyday lives, not only in the workplace.

Trauma Support

For people who have been advised to take time off work due to stress, and for people who have been exposed traumatic incidents, individual tailored therapy such as EMDR and Mindfulness alongside CBT can be offered. These are all NHS recommended approaches. This could be delivered on site at our residential location in Plymouth. Most people would stay for 2- 3 days and be provided with one to one therapy, in a relaxed environment conducive to recovery.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness in the workplace is proving to be very popular , this is because it is proven to help people manage work place stress and the impact it may have on health both physical and emotional . It also helps people remain productive and creative so better able to deal with challenges .

We can deliver workshops to all levels of staff on how to develop a mindfulness practice

Who We Are

Ian Washington-Smith

Senior Executive Coach

Ian has worked in people and departmental management roles in the police service for over 20 years. He became interested in the philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how it helps empower individuals to manage difficulty and trained as a CBT Counsellor. His qualifications include BA in Humanities, Diploma, Advanced, and Integrative Diploma’s in CBT/REBT and an Advanced Diploma in CBT/REBT Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy He has a special interest in anxiety, and confidence issues.

Beverley Harper


After a successful 25 year career in publishing Beverley trained as a psychotherapist.  She has an MSc in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has been working in private practice since 2003. She supervises other practitioners and trains people in CBT, Counselling and Hypnotherapy at the College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies in London and Bath. Additionally she is a trained Mindfulness coach and runs Mindfulness workshops She also runs personal development workshops in various locations in the UK.

The Cognitive Coaching Company has locations in London, Slough, Bath and Plymouth.

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Ian Washington Smith

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Beverley Harper

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